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  • Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Liguria
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Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Liguria

This Olive Tree® Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the aromatic Taggiasca olive, comes from the hilly countryside of Sant’Agatad’Oneglia. This olive oil is naturally pure, delicate and oxidant-free, produced in very small batches. Pruned and harvested by hand, this unfiltered Monocultivar is of the highest quality.

Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Liguria

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Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Liguria (6 customer reviews)
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Product of Italy  
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Product description

Olive Tree® Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria is produced using 100% Taggiasca olives. This premium oil is monocultivar, which means that it’s made from a single variety of olives harvested by hand from olive trees that were brought to the hilly countryside of Sant’Agata d’Oneglia by Benedictine monks over 400 years ago. Taggiasca olive trees grow in steep terraced valleys overlooking the Ligurian coast, nurtured by the unique climate of North-western Italy and the fresh Mediterranean breeze.

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from the first cold pressing of Taggiasca olives, without the use of heat or chemicals. This ensures that it maintains an acidity level of 0.4% and retains all the positive nutritional benefits of the olives, including good cholesterol, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties. The ‘pizzicante’ flavour of our extra virgin olive oil (an Italian phrase describing the strong flavour that hits the back of your throat) is an indication that it’s rich in polyphenols. Dubbed as olive oil’s most beneficial health component, polyphenols are potent antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body and reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems and certain types of cancer.

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Tasting Notes: Olive Tree® Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria embodies a delicate fruity fragrance, with notes of almonds, lettuce and slight hints of grass, and features a distinctive sweet flavour.

Pairings: Olive Tree® Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria works perfectly when paired with dishes that have delicate flavour, such as salads, raw vegetables, and fish (especially if raw, boiled or steamed). It is also ideal in dressings and sauces that seek to understate the flavour of the olive oil.

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